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Mar 27

When Less is More

By billalpert | Music Picks , violin

Nathan Milstein – Perpetuum Mobile by Novacek.

One can find just about anything on YouTube. This clip from 1957 fits into the “sublime” category. Violinist Nathan Milstein gives us an absolutely sparkling rendition of Novack’s Perpetual Motion, a piece I’ve recently discovered. It’s a wonderful technical study, also worthy of the concert stage.

The challenge in music like this, indeed when learning anything new, is making it effortless. To that end, it appears that Milstein is barely working during this highly technical selection. Indeed, in this case it is the economy of motion and simplicity in approach that makes lets the music shine.

Violin (and voice) is frequently about working less, removing tension and preparing the music to a cellular level. When applied diligently, this philosophy can bring about stunning results, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate if you’ll invest three minutes and watch the video. Enjoy!