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More Success Stories!

More success stories than any other Central Coast vocal studio.

We believe anyone can dramatically improve their singing voice, regardless of background,  genetics or “talent.”  However…

Not all singing lessons are created equal.

Most music lessons focus on teaching you a few songs, plus a random smidgen of scales and vocal technique. Then you cross your fingers with the hope that “talent” will carry you through.

There is a better way

Over decades of one-on-one lessons, and through mentoring with  some of the world’s finest music educators,  we have created a program that enables anyone to improve and to stay committed to a high level of musical mastery.

The Alpert Studio Program:
– Walks you, step-by-step, through a logical path of all the physical skills of singing in a format simple enough for a nine year old.
– Motivates you to improve and practice without nagging, fighting or other typical family feuds around music lessons
– Provides you with a foolproof practice routine that works in just minutes a day
– Gives you the tools that will, over time, enable you to sing any song safely and for a lifetime.

It’s about how successful music students really learn
Over decades of teaching music, we’ve found that the students who enjoy and excel at music do so not because of talent, genetics or the luck of the draw. It’s simply this: if you can see yourself make progress, (even just a little progress) every time you practice, music soon becomes a huge win. Motivation soars and skills grow quickly.

That’s why we provide our students with a clear and logical practice strategy at every turn. Random, aimless practice simply doesn’t work and interest fizzles out quickly. But even small wins, repeated day after day, quickly snowball into major leaps ahead.

“When you have a crystal clear map, you can take the bumps, detours and dead ends out of your music lessons once and for all.”

Over many years, we’ve seen first hand the amazing gifts music has given our students. Courage, confidence, poise, persistence and focus are just the beginning. Then there’s increased academic performance in all subjects. Not to mention the beauty and joy of creating music from within.

  • Protect your voice, never experience strain or hoarseness.
  • Feel confident, free, and joyful when singing
  • Connect with with your songs and your audience
  • Enjoy a richer, more resonant sound and never run out of breath
  • Inspire your listeners with your unique musical gifts

Anyone can improve. But, music education isn’t right for everyone. Don’t embark upon a musical journey unless you’re prepared to do your part. There is a clear path to success, but like anything worthwhile, effort and family support is required.

Our Students’ Successes Stories:

  • LA Music Center Spotlight Awards Finalists Nine Consecutive Years Running
  • Two national finalists in Michael Feinstein’s Great American Songbook Initiative
  • Numerous students accepted in prestigious undergraduate/graduate conservatory programs
  • Our graduates are performing professionally on operatic, musical theater, cruise line, Disney stages around the world as well as working in music education.
  • Alpert Studio Students are consistently the most honored and recognized for their achievements in local and regional competitions, workshops, auditions, and orchestras.Parents often ask:
  • How do I know music lessons will work for my family? We believe any family can be successful with music lessons. But… at times, family priorities and level of interest comes into play. For this reason, if your child is accepted in our program, we touch bases with you after 30 days and mutually decide if the our program is a good fit.
  • Our lives are busy. What if we need to miss a lesson? Most music lessons revolve around a fixed weekly time slot. Instead our program is focussed on goals and objectives. If you miss a lesson, and a makeup opportunity is important, we’ll make it happen. Whether or not we see you in person every week, you’ll always be provided with the important priorities, goals and objectives that you need.
  • How much do lessons cost? Our studio offers a range of programs for students in different situations. It’s important for you to meet us for a personal assessment to find the right program for your needs. We work hard to provide you with an excellent value in music education. Though you might find cheaper music lessons elsewhere, they likely won’t offer the level of individual attention that you will receive in our program.



Alpert Studio Graduate Miranda Ford

Alpert Studio Students are performing across the USA, and beyond. Most graduates are enrolled in top University Academic and/or Music Programs.


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