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Acting Classes at The Alpert Studio

Brandon Alpert and Lauren Butler

Brandon Alpert and Lauren Butler

Acting + Singing Programs feature instruction from Lauren Butler and Brandon Alpert.

A no-pressure, accepting environment where actors of all ages can feel free to explore the craft.


A note from the instructors:

These classes will be led by Brandon Alpert and Lauren Butler, who have spent the last two years touring the U.S and abroad with The Missoula Children’s Theatre (One of the Backstage Top 10 Children’s Theatres 2014) bringing theatre to youth in all 50 of the United States as well as Canada, Bahrain, St. Kitts, and Italy. Throughout our tour we have worked with over 3,000 students, honing teaching skills and also developing communication and collaborative skills working with theatre professionals, musicians, administrators, and of course students, at more than one hundred different schools and theatres.
In addition to the weekly productions, we have led hundreds of workshops in communities worldwide, focusing on various aspects of theatre, from production design, mime, and auditioning, to dance and storytelling. Through this outreach program, we have spread the joy and love for the arts to students from countless socioeconomic backgrounds and walks of life- all the way from a military base in the Middle East to inner city Michigan. Through our interactions with students from varied backgrounds and experiences, we are able to work successfully with arts focused students as well as those from many other disciplines.

 – Brandon Alpert/Lauren Butler


Vocal lessons focus on techniques from several training models including Bel Canto and Estill.  Lessons are focused on enhancing the student’s strengths while introducing new skills and improving basics such as breathing, posture, and phonation.   

Acting classes and audition prep focuses on text analysis, character movement, dialects, and beat work.  Lessons are geared to each student’s individual level- newcomers will focus on breath support, confidence, and landing the role, more seasoned actors will delve further into technique and script analysis.  All lessons are in a no-pressure, accepting environment where actors of all ages can feel free to explore the craft.

For additional information call (909) 754-5792 < Brandon Alpert or (315) 868-0511 <Lauren Butler