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Aug 12

Studio Graduate Cast in National Tour

By BY02RDDc5C | Studio News

Genevieve Ellis cast in National Tour of Les Miz
Genevieve Ellis

Studio graduate Genevieve Ellis has been cast in the 2022 National Tour of Les Miserable. Ms Ellis writes:

I am joining the 2022 National Tour of Les Misérables as Ensemble u/s Fantine. As a non-union, non-represented actress, I didn’t even think my self-tape would be watched. I grew up singing these songs and loving this story, and I am truly just so honored and grateful to be a part of this incredible team. In the meantime, I’ll keep working on overcoming my imposter syndrome, and trust that I was asked to be here for a reason and because I am ready. I’m ready! Let’s do a Broadway national tour!

We are thrilled and proud of Genevieve’s accomplishments. Look for a bright future for this studio graduate!

Miranda Ford and Kelly Muller Alpert Studio of Voice
May 09

Alpert Studio Alum Senior Recital: Miranda Ford

By billalpert | Student News

Pictured: Kelly Muller, Melanie Alpert and Miranda Ford

Congratulations to studio alum Miranda Ford upon the occasion of her Senior Voice Recital in fulfillment of her Bachelor or Arts in Music program at San Jose State University. Miranda performed an outstanding program of art songs, operatic arias and selections from contemporary  musical theatre. A special treat was the closing selection “Who Will Love Me As I Am.” Miranda was joined by studio alum Kelly Muller for the duo. Kudos to all for a wonderful evening!

Miranda will continue her musical education in a teaching credential program at the University of Redlands.  Kelly is preparing for medical school. We know both have an exciting future ahead!


Melanie Alpert and Katherine Konjoyan
Mar 22

Mamma Mia! Hits Morro Bay

By billalpert | Studio News

Melanie Alpert and Studio Student Katherine Konjoyan

A shout out to Morro Bay Theater Arts for an impressive run of the hit musical Mamma Mia. The energetic cast includes Alpert Studio student Katherine Konjoyan performing in her second such musical production at the the school. This now classic Broadway musical represents a formidable challenge. This fast moving and enjoyable production is a tribute to the efforts of cast, crew and their teachers.  Kudos to all!

Mar 10

Los Osos Middle School Features Alpert Studio Students

By billalpert | Studio News

Katherine Konjoyan, Melanie Alpert, Campbell Ellery

Katherine Konjoyan and Campbell Ellery with their voice teacher, Melanie Alpert

Witches and monkeys were flying at Los Osos Middle School’s March 2017 musical theater production. The school’s Drama Club offered up a lively, entertaining and even touching evening of entertainment. Congratulations to studio students Katherine Konjoyan and Campbell Ellery who wonderfully anchored the opening and closing songs of the evening. Kudos to Director Lynnly Sainsbury, Music Director Carrie Jones, and accompanist Allison Lewis. Students were well prepared, sets were beautiful as the evening went off without a hitch! So nice to see such a polished effort in our quiet little town!

Oct 11

“Singing Lessons: Do it Right the First Time”

By Melanie Alpert | voice

Do you love to sing? Do you want to learn how to sing the very best you can? Then DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!!!

Melanie Alpert, NATS, Teacher of Voice,

The Alpert Studio of Voice and Violin

I’m Melanie Alpert and I have been teaching voice for over 30 years. I have helped many of my students achieve their performing dreams. Whether it’s on the professional stage, in school and community productions or in choirs and various singing groups, my students have excelled. They have been winners of many prestigious vocal competitions and been accepted and graduated from the best performing arts schools in the country. They have one thing in common: they simply learned how to do it right the first time!
Actually, for several it wasn’t the first time. They had flip flopped from teacher to teacher and studio to studio not getting what they needed, or, as with so many young, even professional singers, getting vocally hurt in the process. By coming to my studio and going back to the basics, with my guidance they started over and accomplished their goals.

My first priority as a teacher is to give you the tools and techniques to sing well and healthily now and for the rest of your life. As a consequence you will sing the best you ever have in your life! And that’s really it. No mystery, no magic, just time honored tools, that with repetition and practice, will take you where you want to go. My system of teaching is clear, concise, STREAMLINED and will get you to your goal quickly.

Whether you are 9 or 49 come, let’s take this exciting musical journey together! DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME and come be a part of my studio. Your vocal dreams await!!!

Offering Classical, Musical Theater, Pop, Indie, and Contemporary singing programs.


suzuki violin lessons for ages 4 1/2 to adult in San Luis Obispo, Los Osos, Morro Bay, Cayucos and across the central coast.
Jan 08

The Ideal Age to Begin Violin Lessons

By billalpert | Bill Alpert Journal , music education is essential , violin

Thousands of students over many decades remove any doubt. Even at a tender 4 years old (or even earlier), kids can almost miraculously play a string instrument with beautiful posture and a rich, vibrant tone. So just what is the ideal age to begin violin lessons?

Violin Lessons for Kids and Teens
Of course your own family’s progress may vary, but it’s rarely a lack of natural talent that limits stellar results. Are you able to provide the kind of parental support that is needed to take a 4 year old from raw beginner to “polished performer?” Here are some clues to help you decide:

Over many years of teaching today’s super-busy Suzuki families, I’ve found the common bond between the most successful is a long standing, deep and abiding love of music. This is the one ingredient that seems to motivate kids to stick with the program over the long haul.

Let’s face it; learning to master a musical instrument is a long term project. The rewards are great; if you are willing to make a family commitment to the see it through.

Other important factors to success:
• One or both parents with at least a modest background in music
• No more than one or two other regular after school activities
• A reasonably calm and stable home atmosphere
• Especially for younger students: a parent who will be physically and mentally present for all lessons and practice sessions, who will take careful notes, and who will be support the practice process, no matter what is required.

What’s a good starting age for kids?

Taking the above factors into account, I’ve found that it is rare to find a modern family that can find the time to fully support a 3-4 year old Suzuki violin student. Still, a few super patient parents will find themselves with an unusually well-focussed four year old and the results look almost magical to someone on the outside.

If you have a five or six year old child and as a parent you’re willing to learn more than your ever dreamed of about the violin, success will almost surely be yours! Even 7-12 is an ideal age to begin violin lessons.

Adult Students: Violin Lessons for the Young at Heart

I’ve successfully started beginners at every stage of life. And I’ve rekindled violin journeys for many an adult whose instrument has been gathering dust in a closet for decades. As an adult student, you have many unique advantages, and you have the ability to leapfrog your progress very quickly, if you so desire.

The short answer: there is no “ideal” age to being violin lessons when you bring your curiosity, your patience, your love of music and a youthful can-do spirit to your violin journey.

Sep 15

Featured Student: Jaime Martinez

By billalpert | Student Videos , Studio News

Jamie Martinez, at age 11 makes his first singing video after only six weeks of singing lessons at The Alpert Studio. Here he is performing “Waiting for the Light to Shine” by Roger Miller. Jaime is son of Delilah and Juan Martinez, Morro Bay, CA residents. Congratulations to the entire family for work well done! Look for some great singing in Jaime’s future!

Aug 29

In Memoriam: Roger Samuel

By billalpert | Studio News

We have just learned that well known Inland Empire conductor and music educator Roger Samuel has passed away after a long illness. He has influenced countless young musicians over decades, most famously as conductor of the CYMO and Intermezzo orchestras. Our condolences to his family and to the many students who have benefited from his kind leadership.

Jul 15

Beginning Violin 2015 Class

By billalpert | violin

Discover the Violin with Bill Alpert: The First Month

Are structured violin lessons right for you or your family? This series of one on one lessons you learn:

  • The physical and mental demands needed to succeed at violin
  • Our working method, based on the simple motions that lead to advanced playing
  • How the program is adapted to very young or older students
  • How our music program builds great habits, courage, leadership and many more powerful traits of success
  • Note: this is a required course to enter our full program.
    Availability:  ages 4 1/2 – Adult and new to our Studio.
    Call (909) 754-4015 to schedule. Tuition $150

“Courage. Confidence. Poise. Persistence. Determination. “

“Music definitely shaped who I am and how I think and approach things. SUCH valuable training in consistency, habits, determination, trusting process … and learning to compensate for weaknesses with knowing other strengths or through practice” – Michelle Schaeffer, Business Marketing Expert

“Thanks to Mr Alpert’s professional, patient, creative and passionate teaching method, Benjamin now performs proudly with a smile at every concert and is always anxious to learn new songs. Now seven years old, Ben can play numerous Suzuki Book one pieces by heart which is wonderful when called on to perform and lovingly appreciated by friends and family. Benjamin plays his violin with pride knowing one day he’ll be able to play the piece that will make mommy’s dream come true.” – Sylvia Tam, Studio Parent


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