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Parents as Partners Online Program

By billalpert | Events

Jan 04

The Alpert Studio is proud to offer this innovative program free of charge to its family of violin students:

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To view 4 minute video click here

Parents As Partners Online starts January 17 and runs through February 28.

Informative talks on various parent education and Suzuki education topics will be published each week. Video sessions are 10 to 20 minutes each. Participants can access the site at any time, day or night, to take advantage of these informative, inspiring, and concise presentations. Once published, everything will remain online until the end on February 28.

We aim to nurture the parent side of the Suzuki triangle on such invaluable subjects as:

  • Practice: building a strong parent-child relationship; managing frustration; strategies for creating a successful practice
  • Repetition and Review: the whys and hows
  • Balancing Busy Schedules
  • Reflections and advice on the Suzuki Journey
  • Managing the Teenager Years: The Road to Independence
  • The Changing Role of the Parent
  • The Importance of Listening
  • Childhood Memories of Dr. Suzuki
  • Institute Experiences: What it’s all about
  • What Current Publications are saying about “Talent”

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive emails with schedule details and other information when available. Online discussions, video presentations, and special “events” are just a few of the opportunities to expect.

For more information contact Bill Alpert: bill at

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