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A Month of Many Performances

By Melanie Alpert | Student News

Jul 14

A hearty congratulations to all studio students who are performing at a variety of venues during this month. Leanna Arredondo made a debut performance in the title character and Evan Weinmeister was a featured perfomer in the Karousel Kids production of Annie.

Kaitlin Orr, MacKenzie Orr, Angie Harold, Zach Jacobsen and Scotty Jacobsen are featured in the Citrus College Conservatory performance of Footloose.

Appearing in the Broadway Experience production of Bye Bye Birdie (a project dear to my heart, as I am the music director), are Ariel Fazekas, Laura Musquez, Miranda Ford. Elysee Carenno, Ian Hewitt, Zeke Gonzalez, Michael Vandie, Gabi Ensil, Sabrina Bertic, David Nicholson, Marissa Henkel, Hanna Meisser, Sarah Hinrichesen, Maggie Anderson, Sarah Jackson, Michael Sturgis, Cesar Quintero, Darrah Carattini-Garcia, Chris Small and Brandon Alpert. The production opens on July 24. Additional information can be found here.

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