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Studio Recital Reminder and Vocal Studio Summer Schedule

By billalpert | Events

May 12
The Spring/Summer Recital will be held on Saturday June 8th, 2013 at 4:30 p.m. at the Recital Hall. Rehearsal with piano will be held on Friday June 7th starting at 4:30, the Recital Hall. (times will be assigned).

Voice schedule for May and June as well as Summer Break:

There will be no lessons the week of May 20th through Memorial Day (my son Brandon is home!!!). Lessons will resume Tues. May 28th and continue this year until Thurs. June 27th. I would encourage all of you who are available, to continue your study through as much of the summer as possible. To progress you need to reinforce what you are learning on a daily basis and sometimes nothing can do more damage than taking two full months off from singing/practice. Please seriously consider this fact when planning your summer schedule.
If you have a conflict or vacation before this time, please let me know as soon as possible.

Vocal Studio Summer Break 

Our summer break will begin on Monday July 1st and voice lessons will resume Monday August 5th.

I know with the many different school districts I deal with, your particular break may be different. I would just ask that you contact me as soon as you know your summer and beginning of school schedule to see if you will be available for these dates. It is always tricky scheduling your days and times so first come first served.

See you soon,
Melanie Alpert
p.s. A separate summer schedule for violin students will be posted soon!

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