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Violin Studio Policies

Welcome to my violin studio! I am honored to guide your through a process of discovery and joyful, musical celebration. Please read the information below to get the most out of your experience. ~Bill Alpert

Staying Involved:

You are creating a practice of steadfastness and patience. Play and explore your violin on a daily basis. Keep track of your journey in writing. This is our process.

Parent Responsiblity

For students under the age of 12, the same “violin parent” is expected to attend all lessons, take notes, re-create the lesson during daily practice, attend any recitals and group classes.


Tuition holds your slot open throughout the year and is required in full whether or not the student attends class. For monthly programs, tuition is payable monthly, due at the first lesson of the month, or may be mailed to the studio. Many of our programs are based upon a convenient and secure automatic monthly payment by credit card. There are additional payment options available.  Keep in mind that the number of lessons during a month may fluctuate but the tuition amount will always be consistent.  A $10 late fee is assessed if tuition is not paid during the calendar month. There will be no adjustment or refund in tuition for lessons missed by the student for any reason. (See Cancellation).

Payment can be made with check/cash on a monthly, semi annual or quarterly basis. Payments are due at the first lesson of each pay period. A $10 service charge may be charged for returned checks. In addition we offer convenient and secure automatic monthly payment by credit card. Tuition payments are not refundable. If you participate in a program with automatic recurring charges, you must notify the studio in writing two weeks prior to the first day of a payment period to cancel your participation in the program without charge.

Supplies/Studio Fees

Your first month’s tuition may include an extra cost for needed books/materials. You may also be asked for a reimbursement of fees for items such as recital pianist, graduation ceremonies and special competitions.

To purchase needed supplies visit this page: Recommended Startup Supplies 

Cancellation and Make Up:

Please keep in mind that tuition pays for reserved time and not the actual lesson itself. Lessons missed by the student without notice will not be refunded for any reason. If you need to miss a lesson you may:

If you unexpectedly unable to attend, call me asap and at least six hours before your scheduled lesson. If I have an open time, you may receive a call offering a makeup lesson. There is no guarantee of a makeup opportunity.

If you know in advance that you cannot make a scheduled lesson and would like to schedule a make-up lesson, call me at least a week in advance of your regular lesson lesson. I will offer you an available make-up time if I can reasonably accommodate you, but no more than twice in any 60 day period.

If you leave the program, monthly or prepaid tuition already paid is not refundable in the event you leave the studio or discontinues study except in special circumstances.

Teacher Cancellation:

Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time, or credit will be given towards next month’s tuition.

Arrival and Lesson:

Please arrive 5 minutes early to lessons. If you arrive late, your lesson may will likely end at the scheduled time, reducing the available time for your student. If another lesson is in progress when you arrive, please find a seat and observe quietly.
A quiet atmosphere with only student, parent and teacher provides the most successful environment for a lesson. If siblings or others need to attend, remember that supervising them is your responsibility. Please bring a quiet activity to keep visitors occupied during the lesson.

Please bring to each lesson: instrument, shoulder pad, all assigned books and materials, a pencil, and a notebook for your use. Violin supplies can be purchased online at,,

Lesson Times:

Lessons may occasionally run slightly longer or shorter than the allotted time. Please allow some flexibility in your schedule.
Parental Involvement:

For students under 12 a parent or guardian is expected to attend every lesson and supervise daily practice. I welcome discussion about your child’s progress at the beginning of your child’s lesson, or by phone.

From time to time we may host a studio recital. All students are encouraged to participate. It’s an important part of your musical education to perform for others.


Study during the summer is crucial for students to continue their progress. The summer term is part of the regular course of study. Please indicate in writing any time you may not be available for lessons, due to trips/vacations.

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