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Suzuki Violin Lessons San Luis Obispo and Central Coast

The Alpert Studio of Voice and Violin

Suzuki Method Violin Lessons Central Coast

Suzuki Method violin lessons are a fun and productive way to introduce your child to the violin and music. Suzuki instructors are are trained and certified through a rigorous multi-year program and are well equipped to work with you and your family in a positive, life-enriching setting.

Suzuki Beginner, Book 1, 2 and 3 Program; 2017-2018

Our 6 month Suzuki program consists of:
– Mostly weekly lessons, 30-45 minutes in length
– Program tuition  is six monthly payments of $130, very comparable in cost to ordinary music store instruction.

All Students and Families:

  • Practice regularly throughout the week; doing so will make your music journey much more rewarding and enjoyable. Each month you’ll receive an updated practice journal with appropriate goals and matching practice routines.
  • Please review  our studio policies with regard to missed lessons and rescheduling.

Parents of Students Under 11 Years of Age

  • Be prepared to be involved in your child’s violin lessons! This is not a drop-off program.
  • Each family should designate a single parent to be the violin parent. This parent is expected to attend every lesson and to take notes, assisting with the daily listening and daily practice and be responsible for obtaining supplies and sharing information with the rest of the family about the student’s needs.

Live Performances

You will become clearly handicapped as a musician without attending (or watching) live performances of advanced and professional musicians. The studio provides many opportunities to view and attend such events. Be prepared to view recordings with your students on a weekly basis and live events at least 3 or 4 times per year.

Parent Reading

Parents should read Teaching from the Balance Point by Edward Kreitman. This will increase your knowledge of the instrument to help you feel confident in helping your child. There are a wealth of additional books to read, and I’ll provide suggestions upon your request.

Other highly recommended reading includes regular blog posts at my violin practice website:

Music Lesson Etiquette

– Quietly arrive 5 minutes before your lessons begins and unpack your instrument. Expect your lesson to end at the scheduled time if you arrive late.
– Please do not come when the student or a sibling who comes to the lesson are ill and might share germs with other students.
– Siblings are welcome to attend lesson so long as they do not disrupt the student taking the lesson. Please bring quiet toys for them to play with. Please do not bring felt markers or any food (other than water).
– If you arrive more than 10 minutes late your lesson may be cancelled and the cost forfeited.