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Studio Vision

The Alpert Studio Vision

Melanie and Bill Alpert

Music… it inspired and nurtured us through our childhood and teenage years. It brought together two young college students some thirty years ago and has been the glue which holds our family together. It flows through our veins and in the blood of our next generation. It has been at the heart of every joyous occasion of our lives, brought us laughter and tears. It has calmed a fear, soothed a headache, eased our daily tensions, dried a tear, set a mood and lulled us to sleep. It has brought us awards and recognition… has comforted, consoled and helped us to express our sorrow in the darkest of times.

Music, especially the study of music, simply enhances, enriches, intensifies and amplifies life. It makes us more… alive! Music has been such a blessing in our lives; as teachers, we hope to share that blessing with you, our present and future students. Through the study of violin or voice, we hope to give you the tools and skills to develop your own personal and profound relationship with music. There are so many wonderful and valuable lessons to be learned from the serious study of music; it is our greatest wish that with a deeper understanding, a passion for music will fill your soul and make you truly more…ALIVE!