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Giving it Your All

By billalpert | violin

Nov 03

Brandon Alpert performs If I Didn’t Believe in You from The Last Five Years, by Jason Robert Brown

All of the countless hours of dedication and solitary devotion to our instruments bring us personal growth, enjoyment and fulfillment. Still, we bring the greatest value to the world only by sharing our gifts.

I once read that performing is the hardest job that there is. It’s a statement that rings true for many of us. Sometimes it brings us pure elation, yet at other times it can be utter terror. It humbles us, and makes us appreciate what great performers do.

Most recently, I was privileged to attend a live performance of Jason Robert Brown’s groundbreaking musical Parade at the Mark Taper Forum. Beyond the heartbreaking story, I felt great appreciation for what each and every one of the performers (as well as the creators) shared so generously. It was an unforgettable experience.

Last summer a large part of our studio family devoted months of rehearsal to a weekend of live performance of Jason Robert Brown’s music. While it was my joy to perform this incredible music with students, friends and family, it was also my honor to be able to share it with all who attended.

When our work as performers reaches beyond our own aspirations and touches the hearts and minds of those around us, we’re each creating a more beautiful world. What greater gift of love could you give?

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