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Finding Inspiration

By billalpert | violin

Aug 03


Our trip to Canada brought scenes of splendor at every turn. The magic of a mountain sunset, the brilliance of a hillside covered by wildflowers, the misty spray of a waterfall all bring me into the “moment of now.” It is a visceral, physical sense of joy and completeness.

For me, music is fully another element of nature. It shares nature’s power to inspire. In peak moments it provides the same visceral sense of being at peace with myself and my world. These sometimes fleeting moments are more than enough motivation to keep me focussed on the day to day practice.

After taking in the Fiddle River (in Alberta, Canada) I wanted to bring its sense of perfect flow to my own playing. Does the river have a negative internal dialogue? Is it plagued by physical tension and performance anxiety? I just wanted to be there making music, letting a musical drama unfold in its own perfect sequence. Isn’t that how the great performers capture our imagination?

And yet finding the path to the moment is elusive… what is the key to unlocking it nature?

That is the journey, I suppose, that all musicians must embark upon. And I suppose that finding the true essence of the music I play is part of that key. A thousand notes taken together form their own sense of completeness and perfection.

Saying it more practically, I want my performance to be about something. Not necessarily a physical something, but something felt physically. Maybe it’s about the faint scent of Jasmine during an evening stroll. Maybe it’s the symphonic grandeur of glacial mountain shrouded in clouds. Or the perfectly happy feeling I get from a tiny yellow flower stealing a bit of sunshine from underneath the shadow of the trees.


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Wow Bill! what a beautiful writer you are! I felt like I was there! I feel the same way about art, music, nature. It’s everywhere. Even when it’s still in nature, you hear the music and see the art. I want to see more pictures!!!! Glad you and Melanie had this special time together!! love, deb 🙂


Just saw more pics!!! da!!! WOW!! Brilliant! Okay, I want to do this trip!! Beautiful pics – amazing trip!! deb 🙂

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