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A Holiday Wish

By billalpert | The Kitchen Sink

Dec 25

Christmas presence
by Ralph Marston

There is a light in the darkness. It is love; it is joy.

There is a pure and simple radiance with a positive, joyous
power. It warms the hearts of those who value peace and

The spirit of Christmas transcends beliefs, traditions,
culture and customs. It speaks directly to the heart, of
love and grace, of giving and of renewal.

In the pure, limitless power of love, life is created and
sustained. In the radiance of this day, love’s presence is
joyously expressed again and again, in countless ways.

In this moment, new life begins. And love is the
ever-present purpose that drives every other purpose.

On this day, you have a glimpse of how truly blessed you
are. Give love, give joy, and you have even more.

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